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Welcome to the FAQs page for MCS Branding. Here, we have answers to some commonly asked questions about promotional merchandise. But if you have any further queries, please feel free to get in touch.


Q1: What is promotional merchandise?

A1: Promotional merchandise refers to items that are customised with a company's branding and used for marketing purposes. These items are typically the products picked to enhance brand visibility and create a lasting impression among a target audience.


Q2: Why should I consider using promotional merchandise for my business?

A2: Promotional merchandise offers several benefits for businesses. It helps in building brand awareness, increasing brand exposure, and attracting potential customers. It is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools and keeps your brand in front of your target audience for an extended period. Your branded gifts, giveaways and other promotional products, leave a positive and memorable impact on recipients, which has been shown to lead to increased customer loyalty and sales


Q3: What is the turnaround time for orders?

A3: The turnaround time will vary depending on the product, the customisation required and the quantity ordered. We strive to process and deliver your orders in a timely manner. But if you need your items for a specific event, please let us know the date and we can accomodate our work schecdule accordingly.


Q4: Do you offer bulk discounts for large orders?

A4: Yes, we offer competitive pricing and quantity discounts. If a quotation has already been given, it will have taken into account the quantity required and we will have calculated the prices accordingly.


Q5:Can promotional products be tailored to suit my brand?

A5:You can customise your chosen products with company logos, colours, and messaging, offering a wide variety of options to match different brand aesthetics.


Q6:Are there sustainable options for promotional merchandise?

A6:Yes. With increasing environmental awareness from manufacturers and suppliers, there is a wide range of products available.  Manufactured from sustainable materials there are eco-friendly alternatives such as recycled fabrics, as well as recycled and reusable items.


Q7:How can I choose the right promotional product for my target audienc

A7:We can provide guidance.  We can help to identify what will suit your audience, consider preferences and needs, and offer suggestions based on industry trends and successful campaigns.


Q8:Can promotional products be used for different marketing objectives?

A8:Promotional merchandise is an extremely versatile marketing resource that can be utilised for various marketing objectives such as increasing brand awareness, driving customer engagement, rewarding employees,  as well as fostering customer loyalty.  Let us know your objective and we'll help you to create the ideal promotional product for your marketing campaign.


Q9: Do I need to have a specific type of artwork or my logo in a particular format?

A9: No. We can work from whaever artwork file that you have, in any format.  Sometimes it is necessary to do some specialist origination to set up your design for the customisation process or to make sure that it is of optimum quality and 'print ready'.  We can do that work and if that is the case, we will always let you know


If you have any further questions or need more information, contact us through the methods mentioned on our Contact Us page, and we will be happy to help.